Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Venetian Palazzo: The 'Ca D'Oro

All of the grand buildings in Venice were once called ‘Ca (which is short for casa: house), and that’s because the title of ‘palazzo’ was reserved for the Ducal Palace only. So, the ‘Ca D’Oro really means the ‘House of Gold’ because it was renowned for its golden façade; which unfortunately has since faded, but is still magnificent in its details.

This precious place was built in the 1420s for the Contarini family. These were great merchants and thus noblemen of Venice, who produced a series of Doges between 1043 to 1676. Back then, a Venetian noble’s palace was not only his home but also his place of business, which included his warehouse.

Just imagine ships coming through the lagoon and unloading merchandise right at the palazzos. So, the disposition was set as such:

-Main floor with the grand entrance for the warehouse;
-Second floor for the staff and administration;
-The next floor would be luxurious, and used mostly for entertaining important visitors;
-The family’s living area would be above all that -and – finally, the servants'quarters in the attic.

Can you imagine the nobleman’s view from up in his quarters…Seeing the Grand Canal and all incoming visitors, gondolas swaying and the glittering water from the sunshine…No wonder Venetians thought of themselves as being on top of the world!

If ever you go to Venice make sure you stop by and visit the ‘Ca D’Oro Palace. This Gothic style palace is now a museum that exhibits some of the finest works of art. It’s a quick tour, but the visit is magnificent. The Galleria Franchetti is named after Baron Giorgio Franchetti, an art collector who bought the place and restored it. I never tire of this visit.


Portrait of Bishops inside the gallery

Look at this beautiful Madonna and Child by Bici Lorenzo

Christian painting by Antonio Vivarini

In the Courtyard...

The 'Ca D'Oro at night...



Unknown said...

Oh! So pretty! What an amazing place, could you imagine living there! Amazing! ;) What a beautiful post :)

sallymandy said...

Thanks for these great photos. I've never been to Venice. This is my next-best-thing. I love the courtyard especially, and the photos of the artwork.

Thanks Ms Lucy. I love your blog.

ceecee said...

Paris? Venice? Either one will be fine with me, Miss Lucy!

Ingrid Mida said...

What a beautiful place. I can see why Venetians thought that they were on top of the world!

Anonymous said...

Bonsoir Judith! It really is's such a dreamy place. It's serene yet always very busy- It's Venice! Thanks:)

You're welcome sallymandy:) You have to go to Venice!! But for now, I'm glad to be taking you there:)The courtyard is also my favourite.
Thanks! And- I love your blog too:)

Thanks Marg:) I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit. Come again!

Hi Catherine! It's your call...both are wonderful for me too. It's Dreamland:)

Hey Ingrid! For me, Venice is breathtaking and always changing...Can't wait to go back. That's so true about Venetians (thinking top of the world...even today:)

Lucy said...

Sorry ladies...don't know why Blogger wants me to post 'anonymous' to figure out the glitch once again,


May said...

Once again, gorgeous pictures!

Lucy said...

Thanks, Matterhorn!

Unknown said...

Ms. Lucy, I just had to pop over and say thank you for your sweet and touching words always. I an so lucky to have a blog buddy like you! I say, you, Catherine, and I meet in Venice for a weekend! Paris can wait (just this once)!

Lucy said...

Wouldn't that be the most, Judith?? Yes one weekend in Venice with all that art...but then of course, Paris! You're always so nice to me and I feel so lucky too to have a friend like you:)

Chris said...

Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos.

Lucy said...

You're welcome Chris:)

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