Saturday, November 26, 2011

Back in Gear...Making Art!

Hello everyone!  I'm back and am ready to post again some of my art.  Actually I also wanted to announce my NEW ETSY SHOP!  (check it out on my sidebar!!!)
Since I love history and all that is historical and royal, I named my shop:  Royal Artsy Creations...the Subtitle in French: L'Altesse et La Vedette (which roughly translates to : the Royal, or Highness, Majesty- take your pick-  and the Star.  This is pretty reflective of all that I love to draw and paint- so we'll see!

My new banner is actually one of the paintings I am selling. It's a Parisian girl with backdrop setting of a palace and all that's French- Marie Antoinette included. It was inspred by a recent trip, hubby and I took to
Paris. Hope you like it;)

I'm really excited about this. The idea kicked off last Monday, when I had my first art exhibit at the Montreal Law Firm: Heenan Blaikey.  I'm pleased to say that I have had 3 paintings commissioned there! But, when asked where I displayed my art..and if I had a site...that's when I realized I had better open up an Etsy Shop.  I can't believe how easy that was.  So now I have my own art place:)  Pretty neat.  Come visit me!

I'm new at this, so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

What's Coming Up...

Hello everyone! As you can tell, blogging has not been the number one item on my agenda for a  few months now...But- after taking care of important family stuff, re-aligning work schedules, kids' relocating and new schools...time flies! Amidst all this though, hubby and I did get away for a week in Paris! I will be posting some pictures very soon with a bit of story behind them.

 Our beloved Marie Antoinette taken at Versailles

Plus, I did manage to get some reading done...

So... coming up next week, a review of My Absolute Best Read of 2011, plus Giveaway! 

Missed you!  Hugs to All and talk to you next week. xoxo