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How To Mellify a Corpse, by Vicky Leon

 What a FANTASTIC history read- Never read anything like it before! See my review here.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010


The WINNER of Catherine Delors' fabulous novel:


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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


How To Mellify a Corpse (And Other Human Stories of Ancient Science & Superstition), by Vicky Leon

History, mythology, science, cosmetology, superstition...This book’s got it all!  This was my first time reading a book by Vicky Leon- and- I swear it won’t be the last!
I had no idea what I would be getting from a book with a title as unusual as this one.  I was almost afraid it might be too scientifically morbid, or maybe too technical...WOW- I couldn’t have been more off!
This is a FANTASTIC book! How To Mellify a Corpse is definitely the most fascinating and (yes) exciting history read ever.  
Just released today, this tiny 7” x 7”, 300 page book is filled to the rim with stuff I had never even heard about. So at this point, I must give you some examples of shocking truths I was unaware of...For one, lead was the ‘in thing of the day- they used it for almost everything; from sweetener (gasp!) to fermenting agent, to cosmetics and dental work too (shocked!).  Also, I finally got to learn the origin of the ‘evil eye’ myth and who might be most susceptible.  Last, but in no way least, the connection between honey, mollifying and Alexander The Great, finally clicked- unbelievable stuff!
There is so much material covered in this book that will keep you glued (pun;) and completely awestruck.  A cross between senseless ideas that made so much sense; to the simplest of creations that breathe pure genius, How To Mellify a Corpse makes reading about ancient history fun and entertaining. Vicky Leon’s history knowledge is impressive as well as immeasurable.  Backed by an incredible amount of research and accuracy, How to Mellify a Corpse offers an ocean of historical information that’s actually a blast to read!
I highly recommend this book and am bumping it way up my list of most favourite non-fiction reads.
I now look forward to reading another of Leon’s top notch books: Uppity women of The Renaissance (I can’t imagine what concoctions they were upto!)
Entertaining, Fascinating, Original and Educational as well ... I am so impressed with how good this book is!
And now...Here's a GIVEAWAY!!!  2 of my lucky Winners will win a copy of this fabulous book!! A great big Thank You goes to Walker Publishing Company and Allie Greenwald:)
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!!

To all my fellow Canadians- Have fun and celebrate this great country we live in!