Friday, March 20, 2009

............A Sisterhood Award!!!

What a wonderful way to start my weekend! This award comes from one of the nicest, brightest and spunkiest bloggers around; you know exactly who she is…Amy from Passages to the Past! What a gal and what a blogger; a hockey fan too…she’s hard to beat:) She’s become a good friend and we share the same passion for hockey …(a lot of that has to do with Vinnie- and the Habs of course!)

Thanks Amy!

Award 411:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate up to 10 blogs which show great attitude and/or gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Remember to link to the person from whom you received your award.

I am awarding the following to:

Arleigh from, who is an expert when it comes to all historical fiction. She’s the reason why I started blogging and she’s always so patient with me. We share the same passion for family, history and Plaidy and she's a really good friend. She’s wonderful!

Ingrid from Fashion is my Muse and Blog of a Bookworm is a terrific and extremely talented lady who’s always there for me when I need a boost. And, although we haven't known eachother long, we've gotten really close. Not only is she genuinely nice, she’s such an inspiration!

Ma belle Judith from Paris Atelier, a dear friend who always has a kind word for me. She’s always interested in what I have to say and is upbeat and caring about it too. With so many things in common, she’s a sweet friend with a great big heart!



Passages to the Past said...

You're so cute and you so deserve it! You made some excellent choices too! Go Vinnie!!

Lucy said...

And you too, Amy- you're so on my list! Thanks!!

Unknown said...

Lucy! I don't know just what to say! Thank you! It is you with the great big heart! I so enjoy every single post of yours and I value our friendship! Thank you a million times for that!

Lucy said...

You really deserve it Judith:) I value our friendship too, Hugs!

sallymandy said...

Congratulations Lucy! Lovely, and well-deserved. Keep up the good work, and happy spring.... :)

Cynthia Pittmann said...

Ms. Lucy, The season of awards is upon you! What a lot of well deserved recognitions you have received! I agree with Judith, you do have a big heart. Your comments at Oasis are treasured by me, as well. <3

Cynthia Pittmann said...

Btw, I love the design of the Excessively Diverting Blog Award. It does have a Jane Austin feel!

Lucy said...

Thank you Sallymandy, and Happy Spring to you too! Beleive me, we've been waiting for it wholehearteldy here in bitter cold Montreal:)

-Thank you Cynthia! I feel the same way about you; you're wonderful: And- that's probably why we all hang out at eachother's blogs:)

Ingrid Mida said...

Hi Lucy,
Thank you so much for another blog award. I am honoured and touched by your kind words. You are a kind and most thoughtful friend.

Lucy said...

You're very welcome Ingrid! You deserve the award, you're a wonderful person:)