Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Road To Compiegne...

This Jean Plaidy novel is the second in the Revolution Series- and it is excellent! No longer the Well-Beloved, Louis was despised and so was his Marquise...but she had a plan. If you'd like, please Read my review here:)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Book Review: Prisoners in the Palace

Prisoners in the Palace: How Princess Victoria became Queen with the Help of Her Maid, a Reporter, and a Scoundrel 
Prisoners in The Palace, is about the life of Young Victoria through the eyes of Liza Hastings; her lady-in-waiting, confidante, friend and young schemer supreme.  This delicious YA novel takes on a tour of Victoria’s inner secrets, fears, struggles, love and ascension to the throne. 
The story begins with the orphaned teen Liza Hastings- a noble born young lady whose family fortune is completely depleted.  She needs to work to support herself and so off she goes to Court. Starting at the bottom of the scale, Liza, whose knowledge of languages (especially German) wins her top position as lady-in-waiting to the young Victoria.
The tale takes us through awakening moments for Victoria where she realizes that she is being held back and treated unfairly by her mother and the awful Sir John (advisor and...a bit more than that to the Duchess- Victoria’s mom). Liza helps Victoria ‘grow up’ by showing her glimpses of what life is like on the outside.  Liza also helps sensitize and humble her towards those less fortunate.
This book is an easy read and extremely entertaining.  Although I laughed through many of the schemes, in many parts I also felt the hurt for those abused and used by Sir John.  Many of the scenes were vividly described and the feelings and emotions of not only Victoria, but her beloved Baroness and those who came through the Princess’ path seemed true to life.  Many times I caught myself believing that Liza’s story was real...and wishing it really was. 
Michaela MacColl writes an entertaining novel that touches historical facts meshed with fantasy.  This book is sure to delight the younger reader who will no doubt be led to read more about this fascinating queen.
You will love it!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh-La-La! challenge Update...

I just wanted to touch base with all my Challenge Participants to let you know that I've extended the Challenge until the end of the month (instead of ending it on the 15th). Also, I will be announcing my Giveaway for the participants in early January. so stay posted!

For now though, I still need to make sure the stats are up-to-date. So far this is what I have on these two pages:



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