Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring is in the Air...and So is Love

For this first day of spring my dear friends, I wanted to post a love letter from Napoleon to Josephine. Although it is dated December 1795, I still think it sounds like an awakening love poem that suits this splendid season. Happy Spring!

Dearest Josephine

I awake all filled with you. Your image and the intoxicating pleasures of last night, allow my senses no rest.

Sweet and matchless Josephine, how strangely you work upon my heart.
Are you angry with me? Are you unhappy? Are you upset?

My soul is broken with grief and my love for you forbids repose.

But how can I rest any more, when I yield to the feeling that masters my inmost self, when I quaff from your lips and from your heart a scorching flame?

Yes! One night has taught me how far your portrait falls short of yourself!

You start at midday: in three hours I shall see you again.

Till then, a thousand kisses, mio dolce amor! but give me none back for they set my blood on fire.

Your Bonaparte




May said...

Happy spring!

Heather Carroll said...

I like how you conveniently included the most dashing image of Napoleon by his signature. Just for the full effect, of course.

Lucy said...

Happy Spring to you too Matterhorn:)

You got it Heather! Way more dashing, don't ya think;)

Ingrid Mida said...

What a beautiful love letter. Made me think of the movie "Sex in the City" when Carrie reads from a book of love letters. Such a book does not exist (or at least it didn't at the time the movie was made) but it would be lovely to read a book like that.
Are there more such letters from Napolean to Josephine?

Lucy said...

Hi Ingrid! There's the book The Letters of Napoleon to Jospephine,(shown above)that is all about that. You can also check out Happy Spring!

Unknown said...

Whew! That's a sexy letter! My husband is more of the... Hey, Thanks for dinner yesterday, kind of letter writer! Who knew Napoleon was so utterly romantic?
Great post my dear Ms. Lucy!

TammiMagee said...

Great post-I love the letter he sends to Josepephine saying he'll be home soon and asks her not to wash! I would love to read all the letters!

Cynthia Pittmann said...

So true, that is quite a surprise about Napoleon, a romantic! I just added your blog to the Oasis sidebar and I hope more people find there way to your delightful blog. <3

Ninon said...

Beautiful words! I've wanted to read that collection of their letters for long now...:)

Lucy said...

-Judith, you crack me up! That's too funny! It's true that Napoleon doesn't quite come off as being the romantic type...after all let's not forget how that love story ended;) Merci ma belle.

Hi TammiMaggee! Bonaparte's letters are so dramatic at times; sometimes even more so than passionate, I find. Thanks:)

Hey Cynthia! I suppose we can say that Napoleon could be anything in order to get exactly what he wanted...(his favorite thing to say was: Je le veux!- I want it -or- I will it). Thanks for adding me to your sidebar- I'm honored:)

- Hi Ninon! Yes, the words are very beautiful and passionate. Thanks.

sallymandy said...

How lovely, and passionate. Thanks Ms Lucy. Even though I'm a lover of history, I don't know much at all about these two. I'm pretty sure I'll grow into being enchanted by Josephine as I keep reading your blog.

Have a great week!

Lucy said...

Hi sallymandy! I'm addicted to these two...I hope my posts on them do enchant you! Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite love letters!

Lucy said...

God's Princess- Mine too!

Shako said...

Why did Josephine have to waste herself on that ugly, God-didn't-create-me Hippo Charles? I hate that flybrain. He rots in hell. He tortured Napoleon. Wasn't Josephine's fault as much as his, but WHY WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYYYYY would anyone in a sane state of mind fall for the hippopotamus?
One look, one glance would have made Napoleon Josephine's slave for ever, bound him to her with a chain that not even death could sever, but no, because Hippo had to get in the way and she forgot him. I therefore find Hippolyte Charles guilty of theft. Makes my eyes water just to read that letter. =(
Love the pictures by the way. Is the second one of the lady Josephine? It's nice.

Myron said...

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