Thursday, July 30, 2009

Au Salon de Josephine: Different...but Alike

On Today's Salon de Josephine, please join me with your thoughts...

So, here we have an Empress of the 18th century, a woman Pope of the 9th century, and a Venetian Courtesan of the 16th century. Can you imagine the three of these ladies having anything in common with eachother?

Empress Josephine

Pope Joan

Venetian poet and Courtesan, Veronica Franco

Imagine the three of them meeting for a chat somewhere where none of them would feel out of place. Let’s make it a Royal Court- the three of them would certainly feel right at home in this type of place. Now, what could they possibly talk about-having perhaps not very much in common…or is that really so?

Initially, their differences are obvious. And although, each would no doubt have moral cause to despise one or both of the others …I’m of the opinion that somewhere in their conversation they would find more in common than first appearances would seem to reveal.

…hmm…Let’s see.

All three women have had to live amongst men who were, for the most part, larger than life in comparison to them.

All three have had to dim or suppress their feelings for some greater cause. Whether by choice, or not, they have all gone through inner suffering and the foregoing of love at some point in their lives.

Whether it was for personal or business advancement, intellectual freedom, or to secure the future of children- all three women never ceased to work towards their own goal. Determination and strength to carry through is common in all three of these women.

And what about their appearance and demeanor? All three have used some sort of ‘attire’ as a tool to their advantage. Clearly, camouflage first comes to mind; for advancement and accomplishment, attraction (or minimizing of) and symbolism and ascension.

These three women are also known for having been famous in their own right- as well as, much loved and admired. And still today, they are remembered as icons.

All three women loved deeply and would have preferred a different ending to their story. Sadly, theirs ends with grief, loneliness, regrets and sorrow– perhaps wishing they could have re-written their last chapter.

Women of strength, women of substance, women for others…

Sometimes complete opposites are often very much alike.

Your thoughts?


I think its worthy to include this post in the Women Unbound Challenge Series because of the particular strengths of these women.  All three of them have faced and survived challenges that only their belief in self, their strength against all odds, and the direct consequence of their actions and being,  propelled them into women of great substance.  All three elevated themselves into the highest ranks- by their own intelligence, understanding of human nature and all of its oppositions.  All three withstood the test of time as they are still referred to as icons of history- unbound and reaching incredible status- something unimaginable in those times.

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Roberta said...

Love this post...Veronica Franco is another favorite of mine for strong women who used all of their resources to live a full life and not just "survive". Tried to get your "button" again for my blog and it's still not working...please email me the code if possible. Thanks, Roberta

Kirsten Steen said...

Thanks for this, Ms. Lucy! I also loved Veronica Franco and the film "Dangerous Beauty" with Catherine McCormack! Do you recommend a particular book about her? I tried to read one but it was fairly dry.
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Unknown said...

I don't really know who Veronica Franco is but this post was unique. I like how you compared women from three very different backgrounds. There is always something in common with everyone!

Seccionista said...

I'll have to go investigate Veronica Franco. I'll also be interested if you have a book about her to recommend...

ceecee said...

Hi Lucy!
There is so much excitement about this book that I will have to read it! If the giveaway hasn't ended, could you include me please? I hope you've been having a fun summer. It was nice to take a break - even though I was in demand! Very, very hot here, and will continue to be. So good to visit with you again. Merci Madame!

Viola said...

Thank you very much, Ms. Lucy. I have just finished a book about Empress Josephine and she certainly didn't have an easy life. She had to be very strong at many times in her life and she was quite admirable.

Unfortunately I don't know much about the other two but they sound like interesting women.

Maria Killam said...

Great blog, love all the rich colours!! And your header, stunning!

Arleigh said...

Wow, what a thought-provoking post, Lucy! It is true that so many women we read about have those underlying things in common, if nothing else. It's neat to connect these three women together like this!