Saturday, May 2, 2009

How Wonderful!

The brilliant, spunky and always full of fun, Amy from the ever-so interesting blog Passages from the Past, has graced me with the Friendly Blogger Award. Thanks Amy!

To quote her, ‘Let me pass on the love to’

Lola from Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino

Ingrid from Blog of a Bookworm

Arleigh from

at Blue Kimono

Catherine from A Thousand Clapping Hands

Judith from Paris Atelier

Dar from Peeking Between the Pages

I’ve also received another wonderful award from Yvette Kelly of True Crime Book Reviews: The Lovely Blog Award! Thank you Yvette!

I’m supposed to send this award to lovely newly discovered blogs. So here are the award winners:

Verona Daily Photo

Write on Thyme

Oia Santorini

Go check these out-you'll love them!



Cynthia Pittmann said...

Great blog recommendations. I've been to a few of them...and follow...but now I have some new blogs to check out. Thanks again, Ms Lucy and congratulations! I appreciate you, too. xx <3

Yvette Kelly said...

Congratulations on all your awards!

Ingrid Mida said...

Thanks again Lucy. I'm almost overwhelmed with awards but it sure is nice to be acknowledged and appreciated....If I could I'd give it back to you. You were my first blogging friend!!!

sallymandy said...

Congratulations, Ms Lucy. You certainly deserve both of these. Your blog is so nicely presented, friendly, and fascinating. Thank you for passing this on to me.

Love, sallymandy

Ninon said...

Congratulations! :)

Kirsten Steen said...

Wow Ms. Lucy!
Thank you ever so much! My very first award and I am thrilled, excited and so very grateful! Am truly enjoying this wonderful blogging community of women (and men) who have such grace and poise! Thank you again!!

Anonymous said...

who is a special girl then? ;-)

Unknown said...

Ms Lucy! Thank you so much. The company you put me in is amazing and I am truly thankful and appreciative of this great award!!! Yipeee! :) I can't wait to head on over and check out some of those new blogs. It's always fun to make new friends! Thank you for being such a great and supportive friend.

ceecee said...

Thank you dear Ms. Lucy! And Congratulations to you. Your passion for history truly shines bright! There are some new blogs (new to me) that I look forward to visiting on my return. You are too generous. Have a wonderful week and I will talk to you soon.

Darlene said...

Thanks so much Lucy! Congrats on receiving the awards yourself-you certainly deserve them!

valeria said...

Grazie, grazie e ancora grazie Ms Lucy! It's so rewarding to know that friends out there enjoy my blog! Thank you for your kind thought of awarding my blog!

Eleonora Baldwin said...

Lucy thank you so much! I am honored to be given this award, I also received it from another fellow blogger. Grazie dear friend! I shall pass it on as soon as I make a stable return home next week. Ciao

Viola said...

That's lovely. You deserve it, Ms.Lucy!