Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Book Moments: More on Louis XIV

I was pleased to read more about ‘Les filles du roi” (the ladies that Louis sent out primarily to what is now Quebec and close by regions of North America) in this Vincent Cronin book: Louis XIV. This is after all a subject that I’m quite fascinated by (see my article on this here) - and here.

 I was very pleased to see that Cronin portrayed a realistic picture of the history pertaining to this subject.

Which leads me to my next point
…How much of this next character am I to believe? Cronin goes one full chapter in depth about Athenaïs de Montespan. I mean so far, this author has been right on when it comes to the history of this Court. So far, I really don’t like this lady.

Apart from her beauty and lustiness- it’s evident that Louis was quite ‘energetic’ in the field of Love, and yes, the lady did portray strong sprit and wit, but besides that, she seemed to have been nothing but trouble. Plus, there was more evidence of her dabbling in witchcraft- séances, rituals and all…scary stuff that would turn anyone off for sure- especially a very Catholic king. Yet, even after finding all of this out, Louis still kept her at court for a couple of more years, as he slowly weaned her off. He apparently seeked consult on this and then proceeded to alienate her slowly.

I’m always looking for interesting memoirs to read- and I actually pondered on reading Montespan’s; but am I really that interested? So far everything I’ve read is making for a pretty clear picture and I think I got my fill of this seductress. Of course, people will contest that there’s always another version to the story- and I’m open to that. But in this case all the roads seem to lead to…

By the way, if you want to read Sandra Gulland’s post on False Memoirs- go here -very interesting.

As for me, I’m taking my time with this book; it’s sooo interesting. I know I’ll be posting more for sure on this one.

Athénaïs,Marchioness of Montespan (5 October 1641 – 27 May 1707)-Madame De Montespan



Darlene said...

You know I think I wouldn't mind reading more about her. I was kind of curious when I read Mistress of the Sun about her involvement in witchcraft, etc. I wonder if her memoir delves a lot deeper into that.

Lucy said...

Hey Dar- Gulland talks about her memoirs in one of her posts. Check the link in my post-or you could always ask her;) Thanks.

May said...

Glad you got to learn more about the 'filles du roi.'

Athenais does sound scary, I must say.

Viola said...

I haven't read much about her but she struck me as rather sly and manipulative! Cronin seems to be very understanding and tolerant about people - maybe that's why he's sympathetic towards her.

Lucy said...

Hi Matterhorn:) I find the story behind les filles du roi really interesting...as for Athenais, she certainly is interesting- but I'm not interested. Thanks:)

Hi Viola:) I too find that she was very manipualtive and evil. But I didn't think Cronin was sympathetic per se, he just tells the facts without much embellishment- that's what I like about him in this one. Thanks:)

zetor said...

Thankyou for your best wishes on my birthday Lucy, I had a lovely day.

Arleigh said...

I've read another book that involved her and I'm trying to remember which one... I want to say it's The Wandering Prince by Jean Plaidy, in which she expands upon the life of 'Madame', Charles II's youngest sister, who was married to Louis XIV's brother. I remember Montespan being depicted as conniving, but there was no mention of witchcraft of any sort.