Friday, May 27, 2011

Semi-Finalist for the Grand "Not going to the BEA" Event...

So, this morning I am announcing the Semi-Finalist for this grand Event. The winner here gets her name sent over to, where Arleigh will announce the winner from the results tallied on my site and of my dear friend, Marie from Burton Book Review.

So...on with my answers:

1) My favourite all-time King is none other than....LOUIS XIV  (A close second would have been the rakish Charles II- And, yes you're right Roberta Nappy and Josephine were Emperor/ess and that's why I didn't choose them..but I digress!)

2) This one seemed quite easy for all of you...Marie Antoinette of course!!!

3) and last but definitely not least:  Absolutely Without a doubt: TRIANON!!! If you love marie Antoinette, you MUST read this.

So who got this all right?  Two of you:  Roberta and Library Pat- Great Job!  But there can only be one winner here- so off to the hat  these 2 names did go.  My precious youngest was priveleged to pick the name from the hat (paper bag really)....

The Winner is........Drum roll....ROBERTA!!! 

Congrats- you are one of the Semi-Finalists!!!  Please stay tuned at Arleigh's blog for the Grand Result.

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE that participated.  Thank you for being such great sports and attentive readers:)


Roberta said...

OMG!!! Wow...I'm so excited...I've been out all day...had to get away from my laptop with all the blog/techy/design stuff...AND what a way to make my Day reading this POST. Thanks Lucy ;) I'm hopping on over now to Arleigh's blog...woo hoo!!!

BurtonReview said...

I keep waiting for Trianon to drop its price a bit. I want to read all of hers.

Roberta said...

Hi Lucy! All of my fabulous books are arriving and I blogged about it today ;) THANKS so much and hope you have a fabulous week. Fondly, Roberta