Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book Review and GIVEAWAY!!!


This huge book is an all-inclusive historical fest on Lucrezia Borgia, her family and her life. This one-of-a-kind work begins by whetting our appetite with historical facts and complementary timeline. At over 600 pages, The Life and Legend of Lucrezia Borgia is a fantastic non-fiction collection of research and texts written in such an interesting, yet historically accurate style. This biography indulges the reader with enticing detailed information that encompasses both facts and mundane curiosities about the lady herself-a pure treat for any lover of history!

Also part of this book is a complete section on Lucrezia Borgia with original documents and correspondence from her days, which I was delighted to read. It includes letters and book extracts that detail her life. These are divided in sections that tell all on her father, mother, her first home, her education, her betrothals...everything until her death! One document I particularly loved was the love letter from Pietro Bembo dated: Venice October 18, 1503.

Another fantastic historical book found within this great compilation is Pere Dumas’ THE BORGIAS- a whole 16 chapters filled with more detailed info on this notorious family. There is also a note at the beginning of this particular book stressing the violence it contains. Dumas really does not ‘mince’ his words. He wrote the history as gruesome as it was.

And-For anyone obsessed with Cesare Borgia’s history, Raphael Sabatini writes: The Life of Cesare Borgia. This is a full history, which includes the criticisms and opinions of the author as well. This historical book contains four books in itself and is a most complete work of history that includes every treachery and betrayal committed by this man and his clan. It's also part of this grand book!

For the encyclopedic purists at heart, the author has also included 2 sections from Encyclopedia Britannica, volume 4 on Lucrezia Borgia and Cesare Borgia.

And what would all this history be if it were only facts without a bit of drama displayed for all to watch in a sensational play? So, to entertain as well as inform, this wonderful compilation of works also includes the play (melodrama) by Felice Romani: Lucrezia Borgia- first interpretation given in 1833, in Milan.

This book has it all! Historical Buffs will revel in this treasure of information. I highly recommend it- I now feel like a Borgia expert! (Oh dear...I do mean that in a positively scholarly way!)

Note: Throughout this book, you will also find excerpts from the author’s two other novels: Poison In the Blood, The Memoirs of Lucrezia Borgia (my Review and Giveaway this week as well!)- And- The Marlowe Conspiracy.

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Note: Remember to stop by again this week for the review of: Poison in the Blood (Scarsbrook latest book!!)- and GIVEAWAY:)


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Would really love to read this book, I love Historical novels, great giveaway, thanks :)