Sunday, May 23, 2010

Queen Victoria`s Love of the Arts (Day 3!)

 It`s day 3 of the Queen Victoria Long Weekend!  Sorry I didn`t post`s been a scorching hot day here in Montreal and we`ve been soaking up the sun and Barbecuing and feasting!

Today`s post is mainly about Victoria and Albert`s love of the Arts.  It`s no secret that the Royal couple indulged in the arts; whether it was music, poetry, painting or the theatre. 

This month, I came across a copy of the magazine, Roylty (which I love!) And found a whole section on Victoria`s love of the arts..Notice the black circled section on the right for the title..

So, I scanned a few of the photos for you.  Here`s one of Victoria`s own self portrait (she loved to draw and sketch- she was actually pretty good) Check it out:

Here`s one of of the royal family- I simply adore this one!

This next one is a portrait of Prince Albert (what a distinguished and classy guy- my opinion!)

And this last one was Albert`s favourite painting of Victoria (and I don`t blame him!) Look at how deliciously gorgeous she was!

And now, here`s my own humble attempt at interpreting the above fabulous portrait.(I just love Victoria- and had to draw her:)

And guess what! My honey bunch of a daughter, Sophia (you remember her- the one who loves history just like her mommy?)  Well, she attempted to draw Victoria as well!  I find she`s actually quite good (Proud mommy- can you tell?)

Do you have a favourite Victoria painting?  Leave a comment and let us know!

Remember to tell us what books you have read on Victoria, her art of love, or anything else Victoria-related.  Come share your links, thoughts and comments below.
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May said...

Oh, the drawings are dear:-)

Victoria was so pretty as a young woman, and I agree with you about Albert.

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

I love the various paintings of Victoria and her family. The one of her as a young woman is beautiful. And very nice drawings by yourself and your daughter. I so envy the talent of drawing.

I'm hoping to watch The Young Victoria this week!

Nina said...

Thank you for sharing this pictures and your drawings. :)
They look good!

I haven't got a picture of Victoria that I really really like, but I do like the pictures where she is standing together with Albert. Those are always nice.

Arleigh said...

I love the family portrait and the one you and Sophia emulated (which are both wonderful!) You know I'm jealous that I don't have a daughter interested in history (yet...)

BurtonReview said...

WOW .. the talent in your family is AMAZING, Lucy! I am impressed. Your daughter is fantastically artistic, of course you should be proud!
I love the portrait of the Royal family, is flows with whimsical and positive energy. Always a good thing!

Unknown said...

Great job to you and your daughter! I wish I could draw that well - my people always look awful. I really like that family portrait - it looks so fun.

Anonymous said...

The portrait of the royal family you have in your post is charming. The children especially are shown as real children. It appears to be set as a formal portrait, but is anything but formal. Just the parents and their children.
Victoria was indeed a talented artist. Love the picture of Albert. I like both of your drawings. As a person with stick figure artistic ability, I admire anyone who can accomplish a picture that actually looks like what it is supposed to be.

Viola said...

I love that magazine too! I don't think that the new issue is here yet, but I'm looking forward to it now.

Your daughter is very talented, I think.