Friday, May 21, 2010

Come Join The Queen Victoria Long Weekend Binge!!

It’s the Big Victoria Day Weekend here in Canada! (Yep, some of us have Friday and Monday off!)
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In honour of this great monarch (who’s birthday is on Monday, the 24th) I’m planning a big Victoria Long Weekend Binge here on EBJ.  4 days of posts on this grand Queen!  And a Giveway on Monday!
I’m inviting all my readers and blogger friends to come along and post your review links (of books, movies, art...) past and present in the comment sections of my daily posts.  Tell us what you`ve been reading- or anything related to Victoria:)  I know that I`ve read tons of great stuff from your blogs- and so I`d love for you to come by and share!
Let us know your thoughts on Queen Victoria- and ; How do you celebrate your long weekend?  Here it will be filled with Barbeque times and gatherings of family and friends ...(Oh yeah, and there’s a big hockey game on Saturday night- not a Vicky celebration, but hopefully a Habs one;)
I’ll begin my first day of this long weekend by telling you that I watched The Young Victoria and absolutely loved it!  The royal couple was divine and so well suited for their parts.  I particularly loved the period costumes as well.  Have you seen it?
Read this wonderful review of the movie by Heather of The Maiden’s Court’s Here

Lizzy of Historically Obsessed has some beautiful clippings of the movie: 

Here’s one...
Hope you join along- thanks! 


Unknown said...

I finally was able to get the movie from Netflix. I was planning on posting a short review on my blog even before I saw your post. :)

Unknown said...

Excellent, a week dedicate to Queen Victoria!

If anyone care to take a look:!/pages/Dickens-Fair-Royals-Young-Victoria/315679815857?ref=ts

I work with a group who portrays Queen Victoria and her family at a Victorian fair.

May said...

Great idea! Here are some Victoria links of mine:

I saw the "Young Victoria" recently, as well as the previous "Victoria and Albert" (2001) and very much enjoyed both, although I didn't like the portrayal of Leopold I in "Young Victoria."

Arleigh said...

I really want to see that movie! Great idea for a weekend theme :) I hope to read Victoria Victorious sometime this year!

Nina said...

I haven't read a book about Victoria, so I am looking forward to the reviews etc. :)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Lucy said...

Hi Robinbird:) I`ll be posting more stuff this weekend, so feel free to come by and leave your link in the comments section-Thanks!

Hi there The Gentleman:) I love your facebook page! thanks for visiting- and do come back:)

Hey there my friend Matterhorn! thanks for those wonderful links- of all people I was hoping you`d stop by and post these! I agree with you about Leopold`s portrayal:( He`s better in the history books- thanks!

Hi Arleigh:) I think you will love this movie (it`s good to know this one Prince was a true gentleman- real stuff of faity tales, but real;) Oh, and I`d love for you to come post nyour book review link!

Hi Nina:) Thanks for dropping by:) I have two reviews coming up this weekend, and I`m hoping others will post theirs. this way, you`ll have plenty to choose from. Thanks!

elena maria vidal said...

What a charming idea! Lucy, I am delighted that you saw THE YOUNG VICTORIA. I knew you would love it as I did. Here is my post about Victoria's wedding:

Lucy said...

Thank you so much Elena! And yes- I LOVED the movie:)

Mike Bevel said...

@ Ms Lucy: "(it`s good to know this one Prince was a true gentleman- real stuff of faity tales, but real;)"

I'm reading a biography of Vicky and Albert called We Two -- and Albert doest come off quite so great. He's not a monster the way, say, each of George III's sons were; but the author works really hard at leaving an uncomfortable taste in your brain every time you read the name "Albert."

I'm not entirely recommending the biography. The author does a terrible job of sourcing her facts (any time she writes something scandalous, there isn't a corresponding footnote at the back to show you were she got this bit -- for instance, her claims that Lord Melbourne was into sadomasochistic sex) and she spends a large part of the Albert section making claims against Albert's heterosexuality. (She's constantly writing about how Albert just wasn't interested in women, or how much Albert loooooooved his brother -- but in a creepy way -- or how Albert probably had sex with his tutor; however, then she'll scold anyone else who makes claims that Albert may have had the kind of childhood almost any English schoolboy would have had (i.e., a little gay) (and yes, of course, Albert's German) -- so she muddles her argument. It seems that when it makes the story salacious, she hauls out the questioning sexuality of Albert and when it suits her better to challenge that, she challenges it.)

There's an older biography by Stanley Weintraub simply called Victoria that I like quite a bit. He doesn't have an agenda to make either Victoria or Albert seem like saints or sinners. He humanizes both of them.

Finally, as far as the Young Victoria movie -- I wasn't a big fan. One of the things that I love about Victoria -- especially the young Victoria -- is that she's this awkward, fat, hungry, and horny teenager. Up to the coronation, she's constantly being put on bouillon diets in order to be able to fit into her dresses. For me (a male American), that makes Victoria more of a "People's Princess" than Diana.

And why they had to include that made-up assassination attempt makes no sense to me. Albert was never, at any moment, in danger of, or even shot by, an assassin.

Anonymous said...

Have a great holiday weekend. I grew up on the Canadian border and remember the big holiday weekend the week before we celebrated Memorial weekend. We bordered on Quebec, so the Victoria part of the celebration was not that important. This movie is high on my list to watch. From all I have heard, it is very good.
I read MY ENEMY THE QUEEN by Victoria Holt many years ago. Had to do with liking Victoria Holt, not an interest in history. I need to reread it with the history the primary focus.
Have a great holiday weekend.

Teddy Rose said...

Happy Victoria Day Weekend. I'm just kicking back and relaxing/reading for the long weekend. We went to my niece's high school grad party last night.

I saw Young Victoria last October at the Vancouver International Film Festival. I loved it but gave it 4 out of 5 stars because I thought it should have gone into more detail about her life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy!

Looks like great minds think alike! I've also been planning a series of Victoria-related posts to celebrate the holiday weekend and will have reviews up of We Two, The Young Victoria, and Plaidy's The Queen and Lord M over the next few days. I'm glad to see that someone else is thinking about Victoria over her birthday and look forward to reading your posts on the subject.

Happy Victoria Day Weekend!

- Chelsea

May said...

I have not read We Two, but looked it up and came across a number of positive reviews, but also this very critical one, on this page:

Looks like people have quite conflicting opinions on this one!

Lucy said...

Hello Mike Bevel:)

I guess the two of us have been reading two sets of completely different history books-lol! I would be a little weary basing my judgment of Albert on anything other than accurate history (which is often biased anyway- depending on who wrote it (or was allowed to write it). But, this author of yours who doesn`t bother quoting seems a little sketchy. On the other hand, I get what you mean with the movie Victoria..but for me, I kinda liked the fairy tale; I know it calls out Hollywood- but I still loved it (cause I know it`s just a movie;) As for Albert`s effeminate ways..hmm..I don`t know- I personally never read anything about Victoria complaining in that department (actually..quite the contrary!) May I suggest Leslie Carroll`s: Notorious Royal Marriages..It`s fantastic history (filled with quotes to back her stuff)-I love Victoria and Albert`portrayal in this read. Thanks for your comment:)

Lucy said...

Hi Librarypat:) I love this long weekend:)- even though I am in Quebec (and not all French Quebecers are into the Queen- but you can bet they`re into the holiday and days off-lol!) I love My Enemy the Queen- but that one is on Elizabeth (still really juicy stuff). have a great one!

Happy Victoria Day-weekend to you too Teddy Rose! A grad party- that sounds fun! About the movie- I too wanted more details- that movie just ended too quickly; I wanted more. Enjoy the rest of this fun weekend:)

Hi Chelsea (what can I say...great minds think alike-lol;) I`ll be by to read your stuff. Why don`t you come back to post your links?! I`m sure readers would be very interested. Thanks:)

Hi Matterhorn:) Thanks for the link! I agree about the different opinions...but hey- I love this royal couple, so it`s kind of hard for me to be swayed:) Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks for linking to me Lucy. I didn't even know that you had a Victoria Day to celebrate - I am a little more worldly now! I haven't read anything on Victoria yet, but I just bought the Jean Plaidy set of 4, so I hope to find time to get to that sometime soonish. I'm just getting around to all of these wonderful posts - hope your long weekend is great (better than mine :( )

Michelle Moran said...

Watching the trailer reminded me just how much I enjoyed the movie! I thought Paul Bettany was fantastic (even though the character he was playing was much older, historically). In fact, all of the casting was inspired.

Lucy said...

Hi Heather!! Plaidy is a great way to introduce yourself to Victoria- You`ll love the history:) Thanks!

Hi Michelle:)Inspired for sure! I loved the movie too- and Bettany was extraordinary:) Thanks!

Unknown said...

Two of my favorite photos:!/photo.php?pid=9763570&id=315679815857&fbid=316218370857!/photo.php?pid=9760404&id=315679815857&fbid=315995930857

Lucy said...

Hello Gentleman:) These are great- you`ve got 4 photos on there and 2 seem to be very old newspaper clippings (or engravings?) I love the one of young Victoria and the marriage one too. Thanks for sharing these:)

Chelsea said...

Here are my links on Victoria for the weekend!