Thursday, April 22, 2010

Book Review: The Green Bronze Mirror + Giveaway!

A mix of fantasy, the ancient Roman world and an author’s early work finally becomes reality.  Lynne Ellison started out years ago, when she was but a school girl when she began writing The Green Bronze Mirror.  Since then, she has added and perfected her novel to a delightful YA book that is sure to indulge the imagination and historical fancy of anyone daring to relive Rome through the eyes of a fifteen year-old.
Karen is a young girl transported back into time through the finding of an ancient mirror found on an island close to her home.  From then on it is one experience after another to get herself back home.  Karen is sold as a slave numerous times before she finally reaches her goal.  Along the way, she meets Kleon, a boy a bit older than herself. Together they flee as they try to escape prosecution and death due to their religion, Christianity.  At a time where Nero ruled, not much is possible for a poor slave girl.  Nonetheless, Karen survives and even manages to accomplish favouritism and some sort of notoriety for her art and written knowledge.
A delightful read that I could not help myself from comparing it to the likes of Alice in Wonderland.  There is the same kind of magical flavour, except not as much fantasy.  The setting in this novel is based on a true historical timetable.  The setting, the customs, the period costume descriptions, the different religious factions are all detailed with great accuracy and quite impressive for a novel of this type.
The Green Bronze Mirror is a quick and entertaining read that will surely delight. I would recommend this book to ages: 11-15. 
The Teacher in me says:  For any history teachers out there:  This is the book you want for your class.  It’s history in story telling format.  Great for English lit and history courses alike.

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Sounds like an interesting book even for an adult. Please enter me for the giveaway. Already a follower.

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I read this one a while back and really enjoyed it. No need to enter me :-)

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This sounds like a book I need to read for my History for Children blog. I'm a follower.

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Sounds like a book I'll have to read. I have several grandchildren and their friends that will appreciate it. This type of book is the perfect way to get good historical information to our youth in a very palatable way.

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Tea said...

Another great review, I would love to read it. I love novels about Time Travel.


Tea said...

I have it in my sidebar linked back to you.

Nina said...

Dont count me in, I already own the book!
This book is really fun and there's lots of information in it for children to learn about the Roman Empire. :)
Great giveaway!!

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Sounds like a great book, but too over my kids' head right now. Definitely will be in the back of my mind though, thanks for the fab review.

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Teddy Rose said...

No need to enter me. I just reviewed the book today and I added a link to your review.

Susan_Pettrone said...

This sounds fascinating, especially since I've been to Rome and hold a fondness for the city in my heart. I would consider it an honor to read and review this book. Should you like to see my style of writing, google Susan Pettrone for a listing of many of the books I've reviewed throughout the years! best of luck to you and your book!