Sunday, January 18, 2009

Related Books...

Since my last post regarding Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie and Madonna's French ancestry and King's Daughters lineage , many of you have emailed me personally to find out about any good books on the fascinating story of Les filles du roi.

Several books have been written on this subject, but in my opinion these are the two best ones.

1- BOOK - King's Daughters and Founding Mothers: The Filles du Roi, 1663-1673 (2 Vol. Set)
by: Peter J. Gagné

NOTE: I've been told by several historian friends that this book is not always easily accessible- often not available, but certainly worth the effort for history buffs!

2- Les filles du roi en Nouvelle France, by Sylvio Dumas (excellent read)- You can also read it on line here. NOTE: Only in French, though

As for the Hillary, Angelina and Madonna references, please check the previous post with all sources already linked.

Happy Reading and Happy Sunday!


May said...

It is a pity, how alot of interesting books are not easily accessible... I'll keep these in mind.

Lucy said...

Yes, although we have access to Internet things should be easier to obtain, but I've noticed that, especially with historical books, often this isn't the case. I find that I have to refer to government offices to get to the source, more often than I'd like to.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the invite to visit your blog! And it was nice to meet you on Book Blogs.

Lucy said...

Hi J.Kaye! Thanks for stopping by. I visit your blog often- you have great reviews.