Thursday, January 1, 2009

Glove Fashion

Happy New Year Everyone!

How elegant was your New Year’s Eve? Was it chic enough to wear evening gloves? Just wondering if it’s still fashionable for some to wear gloves, other than for the simple reason of keeping warm…

Here in Canada’s bitter cold winter, there’s no way I’d even dream of leaving home without a pair of warm gloves. I’m sure that in the 1800’s, keeping one’s hands warm may also have been a consideration, but more importantly, these were an important part of a person’s formal wardrobe.

Thanks to Josephine and Napoleon, gloves were all the rave in the 1800’s. ‘The Emperor had over 200 pairs and Josephine also started a trend. It was said that she thought her hands were not her best feature and so she covered these gracefully with gloves. Also the style of dresses in the 1800’s was short puffed sleeves, so it was fashionable to wear long gloves to cover the skin for modesty. Gloves were such an important part of the wardrobe that these were worn as much during the day (even indoors) as they were in the evening. It was considered very improper to put on or take off gloves in public’.

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Except for fall and winter gloves, I hardly ever see anyone wearing gloves as formal accessories…well, maybe sometimes at a gala or at a very ritzy event. I wonder if we’ve replaced these with fancier manicures instead? Hmm… the glove look is actually very sophisticated and elegant; yet fashion slowly dictated against them.


Lauren said...

Well you have convinced me to invest in a chic pair of gloves!! They do make a statement! do you have an recommendations of where to get a pair? they would scream, "I am classy and elegant and you can count on me for fashion tips, baby."
have a great new year!

Lucy said...

Hi Lauren (love your blog!)- We actually got into this earlier today over at a relative's house for dinner...seems like all the major department stores carry some pretty fancy gloves- but for the real deal, we have to go vintage (local thrift shops are de rigeur!)
Have a wonderful New Year too!

Anonymous said...

No glove wearing here. I never have occasion to dress up, and besides it's not very cold here in Georgia and so not practical.

It is interesting to know where fashion trends originated!

Lucy said...

Arleigh- Besides the cold, I can't see much of the practicality for it here either; but then again, we never know what fashion predicts!

Unknown said...

Hello Ms. Lucy! I love gloves! Although here in Southern California they are not needed at all, even in our coldest weather! I do wish they were, I would love to have an escuse to buy those beautiful accessories! Oh well, I'll seddle for sun block! Great post...I am really enjoying reading your blog, I can't wait ot steal away a moment to sit down and read even more! Thank you for your great comment, I very much appreciate it! :)

Lucy said...

Hello Judith! Oh but ladies never need an excuse to buy beautiful accessories!

Ilove reading your blog too, it's so beautifully done and interesting. thanks for visiting and please drop by again or add me to your bloglist, this way we can keep up with eachother's posts. I've added you to mine.

Have a great day!

Lara Dunston said...

Do leather gloves count? In winter my gloves from Sermonetta's in Milano never leave my hands.

Lucy said...

Hi Lara Dunston. Leather gloves can be just as glamorous as they can be fashionable. But then again, Sermonetta gloves are the crème de la crème in fashion- so I guess you can never go wrong wearing those! Did you purchase yours in Italy?