Saturday, January 11, 2014

GIVEAWAY Continues with BECOMING JOSEPHINE Spotlight...

How exciting for me to have read  BECOMING JOSEPHINE- as it is quite obvious that I have a fascination with this icon (you think?).

Today I am participating in FRANCE BOOK TOURS with a post of my own that includes some photos of when I visited Malmaison, and Petite Malmaison- where Josephine spent most of her time.  She so loved entertaining there and caring for her beautiful roses and other flowers.  The place is now being inhabited by a Count who was gracious enough to show me around the grounds and house.  He also gave me a brief lecture on Josephine's nursery...

The long road from Malmaison, to Petite Malmaison (it's quite the walk- be prepared!)

Here is a little passage to Josephine's private garden in Petite Malmaison (it's darling!!)
Unfortunately the grounds were quite a disappointment... enough so that I believe Josephine would be quite triste to see what has become of Europe's most treasured and unique nursery.  As well, the insides are not what I expected - very run down.  In any case, I was told that they were working on scheduling many conferences and events, possibly weddings there.  I suppose that would help by bringing in business in order to upkeep the place.  In any case, here's an original of Napoleon that hangs sad and lonely in the place:

Let me cheer us up with more photos...this time of the very much more elegant Malmaison!

Lastly, I thought you might enjoy this little family tree postcard I picked up at Malmaison as well.  It's the Bonaparte family tree...quite the happy-looking bunch, wouldn't you say (not!)...Poor Josephine.


which highlighted Josephine's life with Heather Webb's amazing book,

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I just read Becoming Josephine and absolutely loved it. I definitely want to visit her house someday! Great pictures!