Friday, September 6, 2013

France Book Tours- Review and GIVEAWAY of THE MANY LIVES OF MISS K.!!

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My Review:

Miss K. stands for legendary icon and more, Catharina “Toto” Koopman.  Born in Indonesia in 1908- her father was Dutch and her mother was half Indonesian with Chinese ancestry.  And although at the time this was cause for much prejudice and segregation, Toto did not seem affected by this at all. In fact, she became to be the first- and very acclaimed bi-racial celebrity model.  Under the tutelage of Coco Chanel, Toto became famous in her own right, spearing ahead to become more than just a glamourous model.

Not only was Toto gorgeous and exotic, she was also very strong-minded with exceptional optimism even at the harshest of times in her life.  Her beauty and wits- not to mention her flaunting independence- made Toto notorious as a woman who made her mark in 20th century Europe.  She spoke several languages, was well-versed in the arts (a muse for one of the most important galleries from the 40’s to the 70’s that launched famous artists), was a fashion enigma, a spy for the resistance during World War II – and she survived the Holocaust!

This adventuress woman, whose quest for independence had no limits, lived an outrageously unconventional life- even her romances had no sexual boundaries or gender preference. Toto really was unique and outstanding in all that she lived- almost to the point of it sounding surreal were it not for the true historical accounting for it all.

The Many Lives of Miss K., by Jean-Noel Liaut is a fascinating read.  There is nothing missing in terms of accuracy and delicious recounting of the history itself.  And although at times it reads quite factually, the book is chock-full of very personal, insightful, brow-raising, shocking, and extremely interesting information, that I just could not put this down.  

The Many Lives of Miss K.:  A definite page-turner that unfolds the life of a spectacular individual whose life could not be more incredible if it were fiction!

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Anonymous said...

Hallo, good afternoon!! :)

I have just completed my rounds of this lovely book tour, and have noted that each reader who took up the life of "Miss K", have walked away with different perspectives, insights, and a sense of who she was as much as how her life has withstood time itself!! She is such an enigmatically passionate woman, who lead a life that only mean could dare hope to be able to be lived, much less survived!

Her story has entered into my mind as one that I want to read, and as such, if I am not meant to win, this is one book I am surely going to be requesting through my local library, as I *need!* to read her story too! :)

Thank you for mentioning Chanel, as she had such a keen sense not only for fashion but for how clothes could compliment a woman who had the confidence to be seen! I can see how the two of them would be well acquainted as neither of them let folly enter their lives, and chose to live a life they preferred without worrying about if it was accepted or not!


Anonymous said...

wow, thanks for your great review! I really appreciate the work you put into it

Marjorie/cenya2 said...

This book has a fantastic storyline and timeline, it is such a suspenseful book, your review says Read Me. Would love to win and read it.

cenya2 at Hotmail dot com

Linda said...

Great review! I love books set in this era, and have never read anything about a fashion icon. Thanks for the giveaway.

booknerd said...

great story!