Friday, January 25, 2013

REVIEW: Voice of the Falconer, by David Blixt

Please note that in addition to my written reviews, whenever possible I will also include a snippet of the review (call it a mini review;) at the end of the post- just for those who might be pressed for time! I'd love your feedback on this:)
Hope you enjoy!


So how could you top MASTER OF VERONA, in terms of historical splendor, mystery, fast-moving pace and typically, a masterpiece?  Well honestly, David Blixt did it again!  I absolutely loved MASTER OF VERONA (my review here )- and as soon as I finished reading it, I  immediately began VOICE OF THE FALCONER.

In this equally satisfying novel, Verona is at its prime.  The story takes place a few years after  Master of Verona, and it follows the life of Cesco, Cangrande’s illegitimate son, with Pietro as his guardian.  The mystery, intrigue and suspense are de rigueur throughout, but it’s once it appears that Cangrande is dead that it gets particularly good.  Pietro must get Cesco to be pronounced rightful heir…obstacles, obstacles and more…There is danger everywhere- and to boot- not everyone knows of Cesco’s existence!  

Great plot, lots of excitement, rich historical detail and a setting that is to die for (pun intended).  A great story told by a brilliant author.  VOICE OF THE FALCONER throws you into a capitulating series of events that keeps the suspense and momentum going, throughout. It's just one of those thriller type mysteries that just keeps on getting better page after page- and additionally it's rich in history and impeccably written. Most entertaining!

Read this- you absolutely MUST!
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Laura at Library of Clean Reads said...

I had not heard of this author but now you have me intrigued!

L'Altesse et La Guidoune said...
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Lucy said...

Hi Laura:) He's amazing!

Marg said...

I had to wait forever for this second book so I am kind of jealous that you got to read them so close together!I did still love it though. I need to buy the third book now!

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