Friday, September 14, 2012


Wow! Did you know that Robin Maxwell's latest book: JANE, THE WOMAN WHO LOVED TARZAN, will be released this coming September 18th?!!

It's an Historical Fiction accomplishment you know!  100 YEARS of TARZAN!!!

To celebrate this grand event there will be a GIVEAWAY of 5 COPIES of her book! Look for coming up posts this week headed right upto the grand release and come comment as many times as you want to enter!

Make sure to look for Robin Maxwell's Guest Post and my Review as well:)

But- If you really want to Enter now...You can start by going right here: Jojo La Muse- Royally Artsy Creations


Michelle Stockard Miller said...

Read and reviewed it on Tuesday. An absolutely wonderful book. Not just a triumph in historical fiction, but in paleo-anthropological fiction as well. Good luck to everyone who enters because this book is a must-read!

Amanda said...

Ooo so excited about her book! Thanks for linking to Jojo La Muse. I love finding new blogs to follow!

libraryofmyown at gmail