Friday, June 15, 2012

To all Marie Antoinette aficionados: "Les adieux a la reine"

So, finally the movie “Les Adieux a la reine” is playing here in Montreal
photo Montreal Gazette, 15-06-2012

…unfortunately it did not get a raving review.  Pity- I was really looking forward to this one.   

I loved the novel, Farewell my Queen, by Chantal Thomas when it came out ten years ago.

So when I heard the film was Benoît Jacquot’s adaptation of the novel, I could not wait for this.
After reading the review though, I got the feeling Jacquot fell right into Hollywood's very alluring trap (like the world needed yet another film that delivers a distorted view of Marie Antoinette...).   Will I go watch the movie knowing this?  If only for the period costumes and to relive the grandiosity of the time and the spectacular shots…it will have to be for purely esthetic reasons, I suppose…and to offer my own review of this movie. Stay tuned.

To read Brendan Kelly’s review at the Montreal Gazette, SEE  HERE.

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