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Last week I had the honour of having the fabulous Diana Reid Haig here on EBJ-History Salon.  What an Author- What an Historian- and What a Book! 

TODAY I have ANOTHER Special Offering!!

If you loved what you read here last week…then you will LOVE this!!
What's it about?
'Revelry. Revolution. Scandal. Fashion. Princesses. Prostitutes. Gambling. Gastronomy. Intrigue and bloody uprisings. Welcome to the Palais Royal, once called, “the capital of Paris,” and now the city’s loveliest shopping destination. 

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 Rama: Travel App for Food & History Lovers (Crimson Bamboo) 
Philibert-Louis Debucourt created this lively image ( La Promenade publique (The Public Promenade) of the Palais Royal in August of 1792, and critics have called it, “the masterpiece of French color engraving.”  As the revolution became more violent, visitors to the Palais escalated their revelry. 

This new tour of the Palais Royal, written by Diana Reid Haig released by Rama, tells the history of this once-royal palace and childhood home of Louis XIV. The French Revolution is said to have begun there on a hot Sunday afternoon in 1789 when a young law graduate jumped onto a table outside a café and urged the Parisians, “To Arms.” This led to the storming of the Bastille, an infamous fortress and prison that was a symbol of royal corruption, two days later.

During the 1790s Napoleon and Josephine made countless visits here and often dined at Le Grand Véfour, one of Paris'  oldest restaurants, where visitors eat amid sumptuous, hand-painted panels of golden goddesses.  If you book in advance, you can even request the table where Napoleon romanced Josephine!

The Palais Royal played an unforgettable role in Bonaparte’s life: he lost his virginity to a streetwalker that he met in the arcades on a chilly night in November of 1787, as shown in this image.  The eighteen-year-old artillery lieutenant, newly arrived by boat from Valence, later described the evening in his journal: “I was striding along the avenues of the Palais Royal and… in the galleries, standing on the threshold of those iron gates, my eyes fell on a female.” After plying the pale young woman with questions, Bonaparte took her back to his rented room and, as he admitted, “was not overcome by my scruples.”
Napoleon lost his virginity to a streetwalker that he met while walking
through the Palais Royal.

For decades Napoleon bought his famous hats here at Poupard, one of the city’s finest hatters. When he became Emperor in 1804, Monsieur Poupard became his official purveyor. The bicorne, a dark military hat with two points, came to be a symbol of “the little Corporal."
In the 21st century, the Palais Royal remains one of Paris’ loveliest spots. Few visual changes have been made to the arcades and garden, which appear almost the same as when author Colette, who lived in an upper apartment, penned  Gigi.  Despite its proximity to the Louvre, surprisingly few tourists visit this lovely destination now filled with the ultra-chic boutiques of fashion designers Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs.  The finest architecture, cuisine, fashion, and art wait at the Palais Royal, as they have for centuries.


The Palais Royal in the 1800s. Then as now, it sits just behind the oldest section of the Louvre.

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Sounds like an interesting app. Look forward to trying the restaurant next time I go to Paris. Is the app available for the Blackberry?

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Hi there The Boss! Unfortunately this isn't available for Blackberry- only for iPhone, iPad..But they are looking into Androids.
I think you and A. will love this resto:)
Thanks for your comment:)

Maria said...

Just bought the app it's fantastic! Feels like you're truly there! Will come in handy for sure. I'm already enjoying the history tour. Graphics are incredible! Thanks

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Cute idea for an app =)

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What an awesome app!

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