Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On the Borgia Gorge...

This year it seems that Spring fever is in full force with all that's Borgia. Beginning with the TV Series featuring the decadent family last Sunday- reading about them is also at the forefront.  Just here on EBJ, we've had a Giveway of Sins of The House of Borgia, by Sarah Bower

And not too long ago, I finished Light On Lucrezia by Jean Plaidy  (See my review here)- An excellent book, by the way.

That's not all...Towards the beginning of May, stay tuned for LOTS more Borgia.  I will be featuring author:
Matthew G. Scarsbrook

Scarsbrook has also written:
The Life and Legend of Lucrezia Borgia
(A non-fiction, historical timeline)

REVIEW of BOTH books on my Blog + 
 GUEST POST (Excellent) by Scarsbrook + 
GIVEAWAY of BOTH books!!!!  
Fun Filled Events not to be missed!!!



BurtonReview said...

I'm there!!! We're recording The Borgias, Camelot... The Kennedys... have the Tudors on DVD's... starting to look alot like my TBR pile! Now I am getting a To be watched pile!!!

Roberta said...

Ahhh...sounds great Lucy! Looking forward to it and hope to see lots more. Stop by and say hello real soon ;) Fondly, Roberta

Lizzie said...

This one looks so interesting I added it to my TBR list too.