Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh-La-La French Historicals Oh-La-La! UPDATE and MORE...

Time flies! March is already here, and so I thought I’d like to give you all an update on what is happening so far. First of all, if you’ll notice the top of my page, I now have a task bar where I’ve included a few pages for the Challenge:
Join The Challenge, Challenge Participants, and Contributing Reviews.

If you’re interested in seeing who is participating (and there are quite a few of us!), go check out the Challenge Participants page –and- if you haven’t joined yet but would like to do so- leave me a comment and I’ll include your name.

***NOTE: For me to update your progress, and put a number next to your name- you MUST send me your updates and links to your reviews- how else will I keep track of you for our end of year prizes??***

At this point, I’d like to mention once again, that if you have any reviews you would like me to post up at my site, please forward them to:

I have set up a page just for Contributing Challenge Reviews with links to these. So far, Mel from The Reading Life has contributed 2! If you’d like to read her Reviews of:

  Pierre et Jean, by Guy de Maupassant - and/or -  Indiana, by George Sand , please visit her and leave a comment!


Have you ever met Roberta from Con-tain-it blog? Roberta is a fantastic artist, creator, historical fiction reader/ reviewer, cook- and the nicest person ever! She is an avid follower of this blog- and a French Challenge participant as well.

Roberta and I share many of the same interests when it comes to reading and art and so you can imagine my delight when she announced she would be complementing my French Challenge with an art challenge of her own!
Are you ready for this…?

Roberta is proposing an ART JOURNAL for reading and reviews!! She calls it:

Basically, it is a journal that you can create to go along with your reading. You can post bits and pieces of info about what you’re reading and reviewing- or, if you’d like (that’s what I’m planning to do) is illustrate and artsy-it-up to create your own Art-Reading Journa! ( Lizzy are you excited or what!! And, Ingrid, you’d love this too!) I am definitely participating in this event; where I will illustrate, paint, draw, collage, sew (whatever inspires me!)- and write about my favourite reads. 

To start I will name my journal the French Historicals Oh-La-La Journal.

Look at the beautiful journal Roberta is working on. She has even placed the French Historicals button on hers!

This is the button for Roberta’s Art Reviewing Journal Challenge to place on your sidebar with link back to her-once you’ve joined at her site.

In addition, I will post my progress on this as well- and if some of you would like to share photos of this- again, please send them to:
and I’ll be sure to post your progress as well. Isn’t this exciting?!

So far I’ve read 3 books: The Night’s Dark Shade, Powder and Patch, and The Queen’s Dollmaker.

So, where are you upto in your reading?


Jenny Q said...

I'm reading The Queen's Dollmaker next month. I just finished Through A Glass Darkly by Karleen Koen which takes place in London and Paris in 1715. I hadn't thought about it, but I guess it would count for the Oh La La Challenge since a large chunk of it is devoted to the decadent and dissolute French Court of the Duc d'Orleans, regent to the boy king. It was fantastic!

Roberta said...

Wow...thanks so much Lucy for the great post and saying such sweet things about my blog, I'm blushing ;] I love how you have organized your blog with all the links to the challenges and reviews...fantastic! I'm off to link this post to my facebook page's so exciting! I've also got to catch up on my reading...everyone is ahead of me! Have a great weekend if I don't talk to you before then...the sun is shining in NC and I'm going to get me some this weekend! Fondly, Roberta

Cat said...

This is very exciting!!! I'm no artist but I love to scrapbook and collage....and I have a beautiful journal I received as a gift which has just been waiting for something like this.
I'll definitely join in - will write a post about it over the weekend and then sign up.

My reading hasn't really begun yet, its a challenge I've been saving for the winter months but the next Classics Circuit will provide my first two books. Strangely, my Zola book is The Masterpiece - almost a premonition.

Thanks :-)

Lucy said...

Hi Lady Quinlan- I'll update your number! Get back to me with a link for yor rview and when you get through The Queen's Dollmaker too- Thanks:)

Roberta! I just LOVE your idea and I know others will too- Such fun! Thanks for doing this:)

Lucy said...

Hey Cat- That sounds excellent- looks like you're going to have fun with this for sure:)

Miss Moppet said...

I haven't completed any of my challenge books yet but I'm reading Rousseau's La Nouvelle Heloise right now.
That led me to Heloise by Philippe Beaussant which I bought today - set in 18th century France. I've also recently bought the first in the Josephine B trilogy and Mistress of the Revolution by Catherine Delors. Plus I have Farewell My Queen by Chantal Thomas (about Marie Antoinette) waiting at the library! So I should make it to Princesse level at least...:)

Lizzie said...

This is so so so sso so s ooooo I am soooooo excited!!!!!!

THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER! IT GIVES ME AN EXCUSE TO BUY A NEW SKETCH BOOK JUST FOR IT. Okay I have calmed it a bit but OMG I could do it for the greatest knight, I love horses and felt so connected to William's horse. Amy is so going to get me on this because I said "NO MORE CHALLENGES, PERIOD" but this no way I can not pass it up I am going to sign up for it tonight and get a post going, maybe I will go doodle something for my journal first.

Thank you so much for posting this Lucy I so owe you big time.

Bearded Lady said...

what a fantastic idea! I am reading Martyrs and Murderers: The Guise Family and the Making of Europe. It's definitely a book that should inspire some art and is big on the Oh la la factor...those naughty guise brothers.

Heading over to Roberta's blog now...

Lizzie said...

I just realized that I did not count Powder and Patch on my books. Please add it for me...pretty please.

Marg said...

I've just posted my review of Mistress of the Sun by Sandra Gulland!