Friday, February 12, 2010

BOOK MOMENTS: See What's Coming Up!!

I have so many goodies in store for the following weeks… Let me begin by giving you “ un petit gouté” :
-Look forward to my post about an almost obsolete French author that has had her work almost banished from the industry- Why? Her books are sought out like crazy…hmmm.  I have a review on one of hers as well.
-I’ll also be featuring a Victorian series of posts- with Giveaway…Those Victorians, you can't imagine what they handed down to us..
Then...Author Melanie Clegg 
 of that incredibly informative and gorgeous blog Kill Them All, God Will Know His Own, will be visiting with a fabulous guest post here and Giveaway of her first published book:
This one is all about Marie Antoinette and so I am all over it!
-As you know, I am part of the Historical Fiction Bloggers Round Table, and end of February will be:

 So stay tuned for some creative stuff happening around this event! (you know the deal:  Giveaways galore, reviews, creative posts, interviews- the works).

Besides this?  Well, the Reviews and Giveaways will keep on pouring in… I’ll also have something on Josephine that will delight to the max- Courtesy of Melanie once again!
Then, I will have Challenge updates for my French Historicals Oh-La-La Challenge 
 ...And announce all of the entrants.  So if you haven’t joined yet- Please do by Clicking right here. This will make you eligible to an end of year Giveaway as well!
ALSO: I have some great Art history books I wanted to show you- so get ready for some art posts and new finds!
So why not start with what’s happening  this Monday?
I have a Guest Post by Christine Trent,

...That will absolutely blow your mind.  This lady is so talented and her history research is always onthe most fascinating and original stuff ever.  She’ll be giving us a glimpse on Tussaud’s life…heroine for her next book.  There will also be a Personalized Giveaway of TheQueen’s Dollmaker along with her guest post- and- it will be open Worldwide!
Did you know that Christine Trent is a new author?  If you ever read The Queen’s Dollmaker- which by the way is an “I’m glued to the page and won’t come up for air”-read, you would think she must be gifted!  A book this good for a first novel? Wow! 
Stay tuned for my review on this one, next Wednesday- followed by another inspiration creative post based on TheQueen’s Dollmaker.
 There’s a lot coming up- and I haven’t even brushed the surface!  More goodies- but why spoil the surprise- I’ve told you enough!
 All I can say is check up on Enchanted by Josephine regularly so that you don’t miss a thing...starting this Monday:)


BurtonReview said...

Waiting with bated breath, Lucy!!!!!!!!!

Allie ~ Hist-Fic Chick said...

Sounds like such an exciting week ahead! I can't wait to read Christine's guest post. And of course for our event. I will be posting about that in my Sunday Salon this weekend. I also look forward to seeing who has read what for the French Historicals Challenge!

Arleigh said...

So much excitement! :D Does The Queen's Dollmaker count for the French Historicals Challenge since most of it is set in England...? What about Powder and Patch? How much of France is required?

Lucy said...

Hey My Friends! so glad the three of you stopped by:)
Arleigh, of course both qualify for my challenge! Powder Patch has so much French in it , plus Louis XV- and Christine's book has Marie Antoinette in it-and Claudette is French:)
So add'em on!

Anonymous said...

What a terrific line-up. I've heard nothing but very good things about THE QUEEN'S DOLLMAKER. I look forward to all the great things you have planned.

Anonymous said...

Lucy, I'm looking forward to chatting with your followers on Monday! And I'm very excited that Donna Russo Morin is being featured in February. She's a lovely lady.

Marg said...

That's a good looking lineup!

Passages to the Past said...

I recently found Melanie's blog and it's so awesome! I can't wait to read the guest post. Will you be reviewing her book?

You've got some great things going on here Miss Lucy!!!!