Monday, August 3, 2009

Book Moments: Introducing Sophia's Corner...

It would seem that history’s a big part of our life around my house; especially historical fiction. Here’s what I mean…Because of all the books I constantly read, I’m also faced with tons of questions about them- mainly by my 7 year-old daughter, Sophia. She constantly asks me to tell her all about each and every book I read. I usually begin by giving her a short overview, but that’s never enough. Sophia usually insists for me to tell her more; so much so that she often remembers, the very next day, exactly where I left off. When I recap the story, she then proceeds to the obvious ‘so what happens next?’

I’m pretty used to the whole thing by now, since she’s been doing this for a while. And I know right off the bat that if I fall for her very first question: Whatch’ya reading Mommy’- I’m done. But honestly, I love it that I can share my passion this way with my child. And, in my opinion, I think she has a pretty good grasp of many royals and some of their history. Needless to say, Josephine’s her favourite- that’s my girl!

Ok, so it isn’t always easy summarizing and explaining- cause let’s face it some of the adult intricacies are often totally inappropriate subject matter for kids…

…which, by the way, can someone help me find a suitable- for- children explanation for what a ‘courtesan’ does? So far all I could come up with is that she’s a fancy lady that entertains and has great parties for the gentlemen that go away on visits…but her parties are not so much fun that Mommy would want to go to- or be invited to, for that matter…huh?! Let’s just say that some books are best read after hours (which I’ve had to do with All of those Courtesan books…)

So now that you know a bit about Sophia’s book interest, I wanted to share something with you:

There will be an additional facet to my usual historical-fiction reviewing! I’ll be adding historical fiction reads for youngsters as well. Some of these I’ll be reading aloud to my daughter and some, I may still have to just summarize for her (language may still be too difficult).

But here’s the novelty: Sophia will be adding her opinion (or my summary of her opinion) to my reviews. She’ll also be giving the books a 'castle'-rating. So, if any of you know of any children that might enjoy this particular genre, and you’re looking for something for them to read (or for them to be read to), please visit us on these special book review days for my young daughter’s personal opinion of the book.

I’ll be off picking books from the library, visiting the used book stores, Chapters, and wherever else I can find these- Because, trust me, they are VERY difficult to find. So, if any of you have any publisher contacts- I’d sooo appreciate that!! You can email me anytime:

NOTE: Eventually, I may also add a section for other children to add their reviews to Sophia's. We'll take it one step at a time. Reading and reviewing is a passion and hobby that's fun- and we intend on keeping it that way!

Be sure to look out for: Sophia’s Book Corner

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May said...

Looking forward to this! It's so wonderful that you can share this passion with your daughter.

Linda Nguyen said...

I like the idea of having your daughter's imput too. I think it's fun. Unfortunately, my younger sister doesn't share my love for books, neither does my brother. He has called me names a few times, to tease me and, well, doing what brothers do best.

As for that courtesan question, gosh, that's a tough one. Maybe the innapropriate things can be called... um... private dancing? Lol! I'm trying, but I can't think of something that is suitable.

About publishing contacts, I have tried contacting Scholastic, but I haven't gotten a reply yet, not even to simply say that they're unavailable to send out review copies. Did I make a mistake in my email? I don't think so. =(

I look forward to Sophia's Corner. =)

Charleybrown said...

Hi Lucy!

That is SO awesome that you're able to share those books with your daughter! It brings back great memories for me but my daughter just turned 21 so it's been a while since we've done that! We loved the American Girls series and paid an arm and a leg for them since they weren't readily available in Canada at the time. (Luckily, we lived near the US border.) I think my favourite books were The Royal Diaries series by Kathryn Lasky, etc. but I'm sure you know about those!
I'm wishing that my daughter was young enough to enjoy Sophie's reviews! Hmmm, I do have a niece...

Roberta said...

How lovely that you are sharing your love of books with the "button" far as the "courtesan" explanation you could just simply say that they are very well educated, independent women who made their way in a man's world. Have a great evening, Roberta

Allie ~ Hist-Fic Chick said...

I think it is so adorable that your daughter wants to know what you're reading and knows all the stories of your favorite historical women. She's going to be a whiz in social studies class! A courtesan for a 7 yr old's perspective could just be a woman who is friends with both ladies and gentlemen, while the rest of the ladies of the court are only friends with other women? Haha, that's a tough question! Looking forward to seeing Sophia's Book Corner =)

Seccionista said...

What a great idea Lucy! I think it's just lovely that you can share your passion with your daughter and I look forward to this new section. :-)

Darlene said...

What a wonderful idea Lucy! It's so great that your daughter is so interested in your reading and that you can share that with her.

ceecee said...

Best wishes to Sophia on her new endeavor! Perhaps she'll be writing some historical fiction herself someday.
Lucy - Good luck with the Courtsan question. No kids - no clue.
Catherine xx

Passages to the Past said...

This is such a good idea Lucy! I look forward to hearing little Sophia's thoughts..she sounds darling!

My daughter is a good reader, but she's never been interested in what I read. Maybe one day though, a mom can dream!

Good job Arleigh on the logo - very cute!