Monday, June 29, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: My Enemy the Queen, by Victoria Holt

Good morning everyone:)

For anyone interested on reading about Lettice Devereux (cousin to Elizabeth I, and also a Boleyn) and the Queen herself, you probably would enjoy My Enemy the Queen, by Victoria Holt. I just posted my review at Plaidy's Royal Intrigue. You can check it out here:



Kirsten Steen said...

Don't know anything about her. Will have to learn more. And will check out your review at the other site.
Thanks for the recommendation! (Whenever conversation stalls in a crowd, 'What are you reading?' is always my favorite question to ask. Not only does it get things rolling again but I always learn something!)
Happy Monday to you!

Lucy said...

Hi Kirsten:) I think you'd really enjoy this one..I'll be posting my review soon. Thanks for your comment:)