Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Hey it's Been Way More than a Minute...It's made History!

I'm not even sure when my last post- if there ever was one- letting you know how my blogging has morphed into a similar yet very different path? And I truly apologise for not really letting you know about my move.  

More than a few years ago, my love of history and fashion brought me to landing the job of my dreams where I combine fashion history, fashion styling and fibres & textiles all into : TEACHING!  Yes, I love that I teach college students about what truly fascinates me.  So, you can probably imagine that my love of history has not left me- nor have I left it!  It's now integrated into my daily work.

And so... my blogging journey moved to a different address! On my new blog:  lucybertoldi.com : Confessions of a Montreal Styling Diva.  I post all that is related to styling, fashion, trends, muses, historical themes, designer quotes...Most of it is inspirational for both my students and women in midlife (but surprisingly many of my followers are younger than 40!). 

In the menu of my blog, I've reserved a page:  History Salon, where anyone interested in visiting my historical fiction mania can read up on interviews and book reviews, can find the link back to here.   

All this being said, I would like to invite you over to my new place- if you have the taste for styling, trends, fashion and sustainability, thrifting, vintage, and historical notions and more- please come by and follow me there.  I would love to rekindle our friendship!  Frankly, I will blame most of this  on how busy I've been (not only blogging- but also marrying off kids, becoming a grandmother- traveling and work!)  Life raced by.  I've missed you!  Won't you pass by and say Hi- we have so much to share- and I'd love to know what you've all been upto!

Seeing you on the other side, would bring me so much joy! xx

NOTE:  Also! Every Friday I have a linkup party where you can link up your posts- that would be such a great way for our interests to merge and meet a new community which I'm sure would be super interested:)

With much love,