Friday, June 11, 2010

Letter M is for: Mistress of The Sun (ABC in History...)

Today, I have another review for The ABC in History Challenge hosted by Marg at Historical Tapestry

Have I mentioned how much I love this challenge?  Well the reason I like it so much is because first of all it's easy to play along; all I have to do is look up one of my past reviews or books I'm presently reading, and then just write a post about it.  But the next best thing is that I get to go back and relish these books.  By reading over my review and going back to browse the book, I get right bak into it flipping pages to my favourite going down memory lane if you will;)  I've been so busy lately that I've sort of passed on posting a couple of letters- but couldn't be kept away forever so I'm back today for:


And the book I chose today is one I really loved by favourite author Sandra Gulland.  

Gulland writes a splendid story about Louise de Lavallière and Louis XIV (my favourite French king!)- romance, superstition, intrigue, deception, loyalty and faith- plus so much more in this one.  Louise's tender love and total devotion to the Sun King wrenched my heart. The whole essence of this book is magical and their love too wonderful to be true...This is a book that always stands out for me when I think about any part of Louis's life and the books written about him.  Loved it. 


Sheila Deeth said...

Heading over to read your review. Sounds like you really liked it.

May said...

I too have a "French" related post coming up - so look out for it:-)

Marg said...

So glad that you are enjoying the challege Lucy!

Have you heard about the Paris in July event that is coming up soon? You like French things so you might find it fun!

Bearded Lady said...

cool idea. And a great one to pick. I love all of Sandra Gulland's books. This one was one of my favorites.

Rowenna said...

Wonder if they ever thought it was weird that he was named Louis and she, Louise. Always wonder about couples with similar names...

The book sounds lovely! Thanks for posting it!