Sunday, September 8, 2013

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT for Authors, Readers and Reviewers!!!

My Beloved Enchanted by Josephine site will go back to its original purpose: My writing and researching of all that is historical- with Josephine as my muse.

With time, it seems that Enchanted By Josephine, slowly got eaten up SOLELY by Book Reviews and Giveaways - so I thought I had better create a new place for all my Book Loving Stuff (which includes my reviews, interviews and Giveaways), and let Enchanted by Josephine thrive with my writing and research focused mainly on historical women, as originally planned.

So now where will all my bookish musings get posted??


I wanted to create a place where historical fiction book lovers could come read all that's bookish...And more-so, I wanted it to be a place where we can learn even more about who's behind the book:  

The Author, the Reader, the Reviewer.

HF Book Muse- News will not only focus on all book-related news (upcoming releases, new events, books-into-movies, Giveaways...and of course Reviews!).  In addition, a large part of this site will be dedicated to Author news, Reader and Reviewer news, Interviews (Lists, lists, lists!)- plus interesting insights and posts for all who love history and historical fiction. 

With time I've discovered my passion for learning more about the people behind the books (all of us HF lovers!) and I particularly love interviews and guest posts. These are wonderful channels for authors and readers to get better acquainted- so there will be a strong tendency towards these:) I'm open to suggestions and would love for you to contact me if you're interested!

To read more and for more info please hop on over to my new site to read more: HF BOOK MUSE- NEWS

AS FOR THIS SITE- Please keep following for my historical research articles and fun tid-bits- I'll still be writing here!

BUT- I don't want to lose you all, so if you want to keep reading my interviews, book reviews and enter my Giveaways, please go to HF BOOK MUSE- NEWS-  I'd really appreciate that:))

To celebrate there will be a Smashing Opening Giveaway I hope you'll be there!


May said...

I'm looking forward to reading more of your historical and Josephine-related posts!

I used to post as Matterhorn- but recently changed my screen name, as you may have noticed. :)

Lucy said...

Hi!!! so glad you stopped by:). I didn't know you go by that name now! Looking forward to sharing historical insights together again- have a great day:)