Friday, November 2, 2012

Most Beautiful Princess: My Review + GIVEAWAY

This year I made a promise to start reading more on Russian history and it started of course with the Romanovs.  Little did I know that my quest would lead me to reading about the amazingly gracious Elizabeth, Grand Duchess of Russia!

Most Beautiful Princess, by Christina Croft is excellent and accurate history made entertaining and captivating through vivid dialogue- a dream for historical fiction fanatics that are purists at heart. Croft remained true to the history, fact after fact, without even introducing one fictitious character to help embellish the plot.  There was no need for embellishment, the story vibrantly carries itself throughout without skipping a beat.

From the moment Ella meets and then marries Serge, the Grand Duke, the story sweeps us into the royal family of Russia where we meet the whole immediate and extended family.  Their concerns, worries, joys, sorrows, lifestyles (some rather questionable) and secrets- everything they experienced is made known to the reader through an engaging dialog and deep reflections that help us understand and feel what it may have been like for these people back then.  I really enjoyed getting to know these royals!

Almost like watching a reality show (a very elegant one though!) Even Queen Victoria made her appearance! As the very grand matriarch- let alone Queen of England, Grandmama had been the one who helped raise Ella when her mother, Alice, passed away. Throughout, Queen Victoria gave off the sense that she had been a far better granny than a mommy.  Of course the whole story though has Ella as the focal point- and as such she was magnificent. 

A true beauty physically and spiritually, Ella lived through a marriage that did not seem normal by any standard.  She and Serge had a platonic relationship that Ella somehow turned into a love story of the heart...and although difficult to imagine that being possible, Serge and Ella claimed to love eachother very deeply.

Ella's altruistic nature, her kindness and saintly soul is clearly seen by the way she cares for the poor, the wounded and ultimately when she forgives her husband's murderer. The most moving and heart-wrenching moment is certainly when she is being buried alive...and there too she captures a moment of hope, light and faith.

 Elegantly written with care in depicting each character true to his/ her likeness, Christina Croft has taken a slice of the past and brought it back to life.  Most Beautiful Princess will become an all-time favourite for historical fiction and non-fiction lovers alike.

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Kimberlee said...

I have made the same resolution that you have this year to read more russian historical fiction. Isn't it so interesting..I would love to win this book, sounds fabulous.

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Linda said...

I read a novel some years back in which I was introduced to Saint Elizabeth. I was fascinated and want to read more about her. Thanks for the giveaway.
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I so love your giveaways! Your blog is one of my absolute favorites. I would so love to win this book. My true reading passion is historical reads. Thank you for the giveaway!
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Mirella Patzer said...

Your blog has always been a favourite of mine. What a great review.

Denise said...

I love historical fiction, and I'm glad to move away from the Tudors for a little while, into the Russian royal family. Ella sounds like a fascinating person, I'm anxious to read more about her in "Most Beautiful Princess."

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mariag said...

I have not read very much about the Russian royal family but would love to do so.
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Christina said...

Thank you, Lucy, for a lovely review!

Lara Newell said...

I've not read anything relating to Russian history, but would love to try it!

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Unknown said...

I love reading about Russian history - though I have read far less of it than I would have liked. I haven't heard of this Elizabeth before, but I just did a quick Wikipedia search and feel compelled to learn more. Thanks for bringing this book to my attention.