Monday, October 15, 2012

Book Review: The SISTER QUEENS, by Sophie Perinot

Bread to be queens, Marguerite and Eleanor achieved much greatness in the 13th c. as Queens of France and England, respectively.  What began as two little girls with differences of opinions and very opposed characters (one could not be more different than the other), would result in the first-time ever unifying of France and England as allies. 

 As children, Marguerite was always the more restrained, quiet and thoughtful one; Eleanor, on the other hand, spoke her mind and was a go-getter from the onset.  Bickering as siblings do- once separated though, these two sisters had an unbreakable bond of loyalty and love.  Throughout their life, each lived through the other’s correspondence as a source of lifeline where they could both retreat to for understanding and what they considered to be the greatest undying strength; family.

Both women, albeit different were strong assets for their husbands.  Even Marguerite who was for the most part white-washed by Blanche, (the mother-in-law from hell), and almost non-existent for Louis (his religion and mother always came fanatically first) offered strength in her non-oppositional ways and stood by her man at the cost of losing herself along the way.  But then along comes Joinville to make her heart beat come alive again…

In comparison,  Eleanor, was a much happier queen.   King Henry doted on his wife- and was absolutely head over heels for her.  Together they ruled and nothing stopped Eleanor from interjecting her points of view.  Theirs was almost a match made in heaven-if it weren’t for some of Eleanor’s strong opinions about Henry’s family…

The story is told in the heroines’ alternating point of views.  Interestingly crafted, the novel flows with history without being overwhelming.  The passage of these two sisters’ lives is an engaging and quick read that is sure to appeal to historical fiction lovers.  Elegantly written with strong prose and meticulous research, The Sister Queens is a great debut for author Sophie Perinot!


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