Friday, May 18, 2012

Tea and La Duree??!!

I absolutely LOVE sipping tea.  I absolutely LOVE Patisserie La Duree. I absolutely LOVE Josephine….So??

Do you remember my review of that fabulous ‘little treasure’ of a book:  Walks Through Napoleon and Josephine’s Paris...

So then you remember the fabulous author Diana Reid Haig (her Interview here)!  

She’s sooo sweet!!!  She sent me this from La Duree!!!
BUT!!! Check it out from close and see what makes this even more special. Look at the at the inscription at the bottom…
 It's Josephine's tea!!

 My Tea Lover's Review:
Subtle, velvety taste…not fruity- no…I would say almost flowery (not the scent, but I imagine petals tasting this smooth).  With a touch of honey- this is soo delicious- Almost tastes like it came from Jo’s gardens;)
What a perfectly sublime gift- Thank you so much Diana!

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Meg @ A Bookish Affair said...

How awesome is that! There is nothing that goes better with a good book than a good cup of tea :)