Wednesday, August 31, 2011

GIVEAWAY of INKBLOT, by Margaret Peot

Who would have known that splats of colour could be so much fun? At first glance, Inkblot by Margaret Peot, seems like a this could be a fun activity book for kids only...Surprise, surprise, it's not only for kids! Granted, my youngest daughter and I did have some great moments doing art together...But really, I spent many hours experimenting on my own and taking this art form to another level.

Innovative artist, Margaret Peot shows us how to take a simple ink blot and transforming it into an incredible piece of art.  Blots can be made with ink or paint- by smudging, spraying and so many more interesting techniques.  The results can be very amazing and quite breathtaking.

And for anyone suffering from the occasional artist block- no big deal! Inkblot is the perfect springboard that sets the stage for brand new images and ideas that literally stare you in the face.

Inkblot by Margaret Peot is a MUST- have for any artist.  But enough talk- check out what I created from simple inkblots:

These two figures are actually on one sheet of paper folded in the middle that reproduce these two blots (scanner just kept giving me two images separately).  So at first glance, what possibilities did I see? 

Well, being the history buff that I am, I naturally turned it into these historical ladies.  Here's the first draft:

You can see how I began to gesso out the unwanted areas and started working on the idea that was flourishing.  Here is the final result using Prisma Colors and gel pens.

I found this technique pretty cool and when you start this- you literally can't stop because the ideas just keep flowing.
This book is fantastic and I highly recommend it!

Here are two more done with ink sprays; left as is:

AND NOW...Would you love to Win this fantastic book? 
If so Enter my Giveaway! Thank you Margaret Peot and Diane of Saima Agency:)


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Open to US and Canada- Winner Announced on 
September 9th
Good Luck To ALL!!

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Darlene said...

Oh my gosh, my 9-yr old daughter would love this book! She has been taking art lessons for the past two years, and she'd get a kick out of it!

I'm following on GFC (Darlene).

I'm so totally NOT artistic. I see two angels dancing face-to-face in that blob.

+1 for tweeting:!/DarleneBookNook/status/109132172622962688

Thanks for the giveaway!

darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

Marie said...

What a cute idea to get the kids' minds moving!
I would turn the grey inkblot into a shield of armor.. Somehow ;)
Thanks for the giveaway!

Marie said...

Can't really paste the link from my phone, but u get the idea ;)

Roberta said...

This book reminds me of a class I took called "Pulled Art" and basically you pulled out of a collaged background what you SAW in your the pink spots here. For me...I'm seeing a "crab" in this ink spot. It's like watching "clouds" as a kid and it's such a great place to begin for inspration in your art journals. Cool beans ;)

Arleigh said...

How neat! My daughter would love this! The ink blot looks to me like fairies or butterflies chatting :)

lizzy J said...

How cool Lucy and it looks like I came by just in time. I see it as two butterflies kissing. I must try this one and I love yours. I have a new one that is going to go up soon but it is no Queen. Just something little. I miss you Lucy and hope you are well.

lizzy J said...

LOL is this the one you were talking about? Funny I see something in the blots I did not before. The first one it looks like a girl crouched down reading and looking over her shoulder. Cool very cool.